AW_SSW LogoThank you to all who participated in the activities and webinars of AHDI-West’s Student Success Week!!

The AHDI-West Board of Governors worked hard to make this a worthwhile event, and your positive feedback has been very much appreciated.

We will look to find the best way to keep the information that was presented last week accessible to you.

In the meantime, feel free to post comments, ask questions, and offer ideas for future events on the AHDI-West Facebook Page or see our website for contact information and check for future events.
Congratulations to the Scavenger Hunt Winners!

  • Becky Klassen
  • Sarah Bovey
  • Marijke Wagner
  • Nancy Jillson

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Listen to recording
• Virtual Tour of the AHDI Website & News with Kristin Wall (Staff) and Karen Fox-Acosta (Past President) NOTE: Introduction of speakers did not get recorded
• Virtual Tour of the AHDI-West Website & News with Kat King (AHDI-West Co-Founder)
• AHDI-West’s Julia Dyviniak (Past Director/Board Liaison) and Val Purdy (President) offer a webinar on the realities of working from home.
• Helpful Tips on Landing Your First MT Job (Linda Allard, New England Medical Transcription)