• Webinar: ADHD in Children and Adults


    “I feel as well that ADHD is misunderstood and this has been very helpful!”

    Joan N.

  • Webinar: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

    “I really appreciate the detail and research info in your presentation. Very professional and well done!”

    – Michelle S.

  • Webinar: Coding Credential Part 2

    “Georgia – This is fabulous information. Thank you so much for putting together this webinar!”

    – Michelle S.

  • Webinar: Coding Credential Part 2

    “Thank you, Georgia, Sandy and AHDI West! Another wonderful webinar!”

     S. Roberts

  • Webinar: Shorthand for Windows

    “Thank you…very, very informative and helpful.”

    J. Nelson

  • Webinar: Understanding Speech Recognition

    “Thank you–a very informative presentation!”

    T. Buvid

  • Webinar: Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

    “Just a thank you for offering the above webinar.  It was informative and interesting and the presenter was outstanding.”

    Debi Soma, CMT

  • Webinar:  Current and New Modalities for Wound Healing

    Great presentation!  It’s nice to see some of the devices we hear about all the time!

    Michelle S.

  • Webinar:  Overview of HIPAA Changes and OCR Recommendations on Release of Information

    “It can be difficult to get the legal credits, so am very thankful you offer those. Much appreciated.”

    Carol L.

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